Fenugreek Seeds

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Fenugreek Seed is a slender annual herb of the pea family (Fabaceae). It was used by the ancient Egyptians and is mentioned in medical writings in their tombs. Indian Fenugreek seeds are widely used due to the fragrance they possess and its therapeutic qualities. The seeds are rated as one of the most well liked spices amongst the many. The yellow brown seeds are known for their bitter taste and can easily be distinguished from others. The production rate of the seeds is high amongst the top countries which makes them an important product in the market.

As fenugreek seeds exporters we distributed the seeds across several countries which have created a general hype. The fenugreek seeds are considered as an affluent resource of protein, potassium, vitamin C, niacin, calcium, carotene, fiber, saponin and essential oil.

The benefits of fenugreek seeds in India are highly being made to use as spices in a variety of foods and commercially in making herbal medicines. The importance of such seeds is growing by leaps and bounds. Several benefits have made this the most used products in the world market.

• Lowers cholesterol level
• Prevents against colon cancer
• Regulates blood sugar levels
• Enhances the hair growth and curbs hair fall
• Excellent therapy for combating dry skin
• Improves digestion