Mustard seeds

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Mustard seeds, the tiny round structures derived from a mustard plant, have been used from time immemorial as a condiment in food at regions all over the world. Mustard seeds are very popular for the aroma that they lend to world cuisines. The strong and spicy taste of mustard seeds varies according to their types, which are brown Indian mustard, white mustard, and black mustard.

The light colored mustard seeds are less acrid to taste compared to the dark colored versions. While much is said about the taste of mustard seeds, little is known about its health benefits. They are loaded with several health promoting properties, giving you a myriad of reasons to blend them in your daily food. Listed here are some of the many health benefits of consuming mustard seeds.

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds
• The myrosinase enzymes present in mustard seeds help in breaking the glucosinates into other phytonutrients called isothiocyanates, which can stop the growth of existing cancerous cells in the body and hence, prevent the risk of gastrointestinal tract and colorectal cancers.

• Mustard seeds are known for treating inflammations of the body due to the presence of selenium in rich amounts. Besides, the omega-3 fatty acids content also contributes to the reduction of inflammation and helping in curing asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

• The high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals in mustard seeds assist in lowering blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis. With antiseptic and antifungal properties, mustard seeds are essential for cleansing the digestive system and increasing the body’s defense system.

• Mustard seeds are also rich in magnesium which is effective in curing high blood pressure and curing several diseases which become part of a woman’s life after she has acquired menopause.

• In case of accidental poisoning, mustard seeds are used for producing vomiting to get rid of the harmful food ingested. For this, a teaspoon of mustard seeds are steeped in a cup of boiling water and drunk at once on cooling.